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Hiatus House Erie Shores Campus Leamington DMH

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Project Description

The proposed 31,000 sf expansion to the existing Leamington District Memorial Hospital would act as a new wing for the Hiatus House Erie Shores Campus. The mission of the Hiatus House is to break the cycle of domestic violence one family at a time by providing 24 hour a day crisis intervention and emergency shelter to abused women and their children. In addition, HH provides public education, research, and specialized counseling services for all family members affected by domestic violence.  

The new facility for the Hiatus House would offer 24 rooms and 48 beds for women and their families. Each room is equipped with a personal shower washroom with access to a kitchen, pantry, lounge, playroom, laundry room, and courtyard. In addition, this facility would offer program meeting rooms, and additional support spaces for families and staff. 

Due to tight site constraints, the new Hiatus House would effectively close Fader Avenue. The streets would be reconnected to the south of the addition and new parking lots created.  A new three-storey atrium creates a nexus of connection points to and from the hospital and HH.  It acts as the principal point of entry and exit to both entities, it offers admitting and emergency access, and creates a large airy, light-filled space to balance care with wellness.


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