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In anticipation for the growing population of South Walkerville, Hugh Beaton Public School opened their doors to students in 1929 as one of the best equipped public schools in all of Southern Ontario. Designed by Architects Sheppard & Masson, Hugh Beaton is Listed as a registered heritage building in Windsor-Essex. Through 90+ years of education, the school has undergone several renovations and additions to accommodate their growing community. Today, Hugh Beaton supports approximately 340 students and staff.

The original design of Hugh Beaton features remarkable architectural forms and detailing through precast stone and brick masonry, framing the original wood doors to enter the school’s foyer. To preserve the building’s heritage, JPTA completed a masonry restoration of the main entrance. This process involved removing the original stone to expose the existing structure; installing new steel as needed to maintain the structural integrity of the building and replicating existing failed stone for installation of new stone masonry. These exterior improvements will ensure Hugh Beaton’s heritage remains strong for future educator’s and pupils of the South Walkerville area.

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