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LaSalle Small Coast Waterfront Experience

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Project Description

The vision for the LaSalle Small Coast Waterfront Experience establishes 4 main goals: to create an expanded, year-round, point of destination Activity Hub with multi-purpose amenities centred around the Town’s Heritage Waterfront; to develop an authentic site capturing the rich history and culture of LaSalle showcasing learning about our 3 cultures (Indigenous, French and English); to provide a user-friendly, accessible environment with recreational opportunities for the community; and, to create a sustainable environment using energy-efficient design for the betterment of our climate and to address rising water levels.

The proposed waterfront expansion will represent a 225% increase in the existing shoreline frontage to be returned and rediscovered for community use and enjoyment. Features include: A Festival Zone, A Heritage Zone, a Sports Zone, A Naturalized Zone and a Passive Zone.  Conceptually, the park’s design gestures draw connections to French Ribbon Farming lines extending from the modern Town “main street’ to the Detroit River.  Features such as huts, trail heads, play areas, and materiality draw their inspiration from Indigenous, French and English iconography and culture.


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