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In 1921, Prince Edward opened its doors to serve south-east Windsor. 100 years later, it is still serving the community. After the initial design by Albert H McPhail was built, multiple renovations occurred as the city around it developed from ploughing fields to a thriving community and public space. To this day, Prince Edward Public Elementary stands as a testament to Windsor’s history.

To keep this history alive, JPTA completed a window replacement, re-pointing of the historic masonry, and replacement of the exterior doors. To maintain the materiality of the building, stone sills were kept , while steel lintels were replaced to keep the building’s structural integrity. New windows use full glazing panels rather than spandrel to allow natural light into classrooms and auditorium spaces, while window shades allow for individual choice in the amount of light entering each space. New millwork radiator covers were designed and constructed for use at window sills in the interior of the building.

On the East and West facades, the exterior wood doors were replaced along with upgrading the side entrance steps. These updated entrances add opportunities for additional engagement for all of those in the community.

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